Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Starcraft 2 Macro Tips

Macro in Strategy games refers to macro management. It refers to the actions you take keeping the overall overview of the game in mind. Macros in Starcraft 2 is primarily the process of building an army. A good macro gameplay means you can efficiently manage the different “macro” factors of the game such as the build order, economy, expansions, expenses, offense, and group hot keys.

Build Orders
This is the groundwork of every strategy during the start of every game. A good build order begins by understanding what your goals are for the game. Your build order depends on what type of game is being played, the race of your opponents and the map. There is a recommended build order for every situation.

Starcraft in a sense is a money war. The player who has more money can easily overpower his opponent. It is important that you continuously build workers in the beginning of the game before anything else. You need to have 16 to 24 workers per eight patches of minerals and three workers for each gas mine. Having a lower income can cost you the game.

While we’re on the subject of economy, Starcraft 2 macro tips are not complete without mentioning expansions. It is the setting up of another base to get more resources and have the economic advantage over your opponents. You should know when to expand and when not to. At the same time you should not let your opponent from expanding during the game.

When you have a steady income in the game, you have to spend that money when you get it. You wouldn’t win the game when you hoard all your resources. It is better to build more fighting units than let all that minerals and gasses left unspent. If your income generating is faster than your unit production, then construct more structures.

One important Starcraft 2 macro factor is your offense. You should keep your offense on full gear. It is better to spend all your money on offensive units than on defensive structures. You’ll win games faster when you’re offensive minded.

Group Hot Keys
The last of the Starcraft 2 macro tips involve the control of group hot keys. In Starcraft 2 you can select as many units as you want and put them in a single group. This makes it easier to manage your army in SC2 than in the original Starcraft where you can only select up to twelve units at a time. It is recommended to have a hotkey for your main army, another one for your scout, and another for tactical units.

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